Friday, July 25, 2008

Update from Tuesday

If you want to see pictures from the birthday party on Tuesday, you can check them out here.

...including one of Lucy and me with our hairnets on. That was the initial stumbling block of the day for her. Maddie came up and sweetly offered to put Lucy's on her. Lucy said quietly, "No, thank you," like it was some optional party hat or something. She had a similar problem when she went to a tearoom for a birthday, and they were required to pick a hat off the wall and wear it. I thanked Maddie for wanting to help and leaned down and whispered to Lucy, "You will put the hairnet on because that is the RULE." She whispered back, "I want you to put yours on first, Mom." I said, "Welllllll, not yet. As soon as we go in the room where we pack the food."

Another case of: apple, meet tree.


Ann-Marie said...

I love it!

Yours truly,

Juliet said...

Cute new hats. It was a blessing to see mother & daughter serving the Lord together.