Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Weekend Wrap-up

[Brief technical update: I had removed my regular playlist so it wouldn't interfere with the music of the slideshow, but now the weekend's over I've silenced Elton John and put the playlist back. I wish I could figure out less clunky ways to do this, but...I have my limitations. You can still enjoy the slides though!]

I set my alarm for Saturday morning because I have to be up at the crack of dawn if I want to wake up before my two girls. Of course with all the times our power has gone out with all the storms we've been having, I accidentally set it for p.m. instead of a.m., and it didn't go off. Luckily, I woke up at 5:30 anyway, figuring I'd have about a 15-minute head start on them. I ran downstairs and heated up the oven for birthday cinnamon rolls and set the dining room table. The birthday person gets to eat off the special Royal Doulton birthday plate and has some presents to open at breakfast.

I got all that done and even a little extra time to read and pray a special prayer for Lucy that day. After about 20 minutes (so, at 5:50 if you're doing the math), I heard the clop of high heels on the stairs. There was Elaine, in her pajamas, heels, a necklace, and covered with a rash. "I wake up," she announced. "I'm itchy, Mama." Great. Because as all mothers know, if it's someone's birthday, a holiday, or you're having dinner party in the evening, at least one of your children will get sick and/or need to be taken to the doctor.

Pretty soon Lucy came down to this:

We all had breakfast together, and she opened her presents. She got some books from me, a butterfly necklace and ring from Daddy (to replace the infamous lost pin), and a fairy book and magnet set from Elaine.

Here's my big five-year-old girl:

I mixed up the birthday cake, put it in the oven, and waited until the doctor's office was open to call. Fortunately, we just talked over the phone--the pediatrician diagnosed her with Fifth's disease and said to give her Benadryl and cortisone cream. No big deal. She felt fairly miserable and grouchy though. (Translated into whiny voice, saying: "You rock me, Mama...")

In the afternoon, Darren took Lucy to the circus (and as an added bonus, she saw her best friend from church in line and they all got to sit together). I stayed home with Elaine and decorated the cake. I put her down for her nap so I could get that done without her licking the frosting. While I was decorating, I heard singing and talking from her room. Then crying. Then screaming. Time to investigate. I went in her room, and she was standing on the bed. She had removed the top of the bedpost and jammed her finger down into the hole. It took quite a bit of effort to get it out, and afterwards I held a sobbing toddler on my lap and soothed her. "I want Daddy to rock me!" she screamed. Cheers, mate. I just saved your life, and you want Daddy.

Lucy and Darren came home from the circus, and she was all excited. She told me all about the tightrope walker, the bareback rider, the lions and tigers, and especially the clowns. That night she requested tacos for her birthday supper, and here's her cake (it's supposed to be a castle--made with more love than skill):

Then for her final surprise of the day...

Normally at our house, we don't give presents to the non-birthday child. This time we made one exception:

Here are the birthday girl and her dad:

The next morning I was awakened by this conversation I overheard in the girls' room:

Elaine: Wanna ride my tricycle.

Lucy: We can't. We have to go to church now. And I hope you know you can't take your tricycle to heaven.

Elaine: Wanna take my tricycle.

Lucy: No, you can't. You will see Jesus there though. He's like a doctor, Elaine, kind of. Not the kind who tests your re-flects. A sort of different kind. And you'll see all the Bible persons in heaven too. But you can't take your tricycle, and I can't take my bicycle. (Pause.) I am going to take Rabbie, though.

As soon as we got home from church, they were clamoring for their wheels but we made them take a rest first. When they got up (and me too), they immediately wanted to go out and ride their bikes. Elaine's feet don't quite reach her pedals (it's for a 3-year-old), but she's happy just Fred Flintstoning it.

I was helping Lucy ride hers around the driveway, and I said, "Are you girls riding your bikes off to college?" (I'm always subtly brainwashing them.) "We are, Mama!" said Lucy. "Elaine's riding off to college, too!" "And are you going to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois?" I asked.

"No. I'm going to circus college," Lucy said.

(sound of hypothetical needle screeching on record)

I see I still have my work cut out for me.


Juliet said...

What fun they had in store that day. Lots of work for the cake.

Also great and safety hat to boot. Love Elaine's Big Wheel too.

mae said...

I loved hearing all you did on Lucy's birthday. What a great Mom you are. Dad is pretty good also.

The finger in the bedpost reminded me of the time Jack and I were doing camp work and one of the teenagers got her finger stuck in a wooden bench and Jack had to get out a small saw to cut the wood in order to get the finger out (still on her hand). We laughed a lot about that, but the teenager didn't think it was very funny

Veronica Mitchell said...

Circus college. Hmm. I bet I wouldn't be carrying so much student loan debt if I'd gone to circus college.

Happy birthday to your girl.

Melanie said...

Oh, you do such a good job with traditions. It was fantastic reading about Lucy's big day and seeing the photos of the special plate, cake, and the bikes was an added bonus. It sounds like she had another perfect day and I'm so glad Elaine's rash was easy to treat!

Ann-Marie said...

I'm actually surprised no one else has drawn the parallel that:

Moody = Circus College

At times. At times. I'm just saying.

I loved reading this post. It was like I was there with you!