Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Recent Quote Collection

The setup: I surprised Lucy with a trip to Barnes and Noble because we had a gift card. I let her pick out some books she wanted. We got in the car to go home, and I turned on the music and said to her, "Let's sing!"

Lucy: (she had the bag open and her books out, looking through them) You know how on Mondays when we come home in the car and you say, 'Can we just have it totally quiet?' Maybe we could be like that right now.


The setup: I was trying to write out the post for my dad, but both girls insisted being right by me and singing "A Spoonful of Sugar" at the top of their voices. I kept requesting quiet--in a more and more strenuous voice. Finally, Lucy said:

"Maybe you could just ignore it, Mom."


The setup: Elaine was standing on a stool in her pajamas, looking just utterly sweet. I swooped in to hug and kiss her.

Elaine: Whoa. Don't knock me down, Mama!


Melanie said...

Too cute! I know that Cole often squirms to get away from me when I'm in a hug and kiss kinda mood and if he had the words I'm sure he'd say something along the same lines as Elaine. I love how Lucy finds ways of putting her current wish/es into a perspective you'll understand and yet manages to do so in such a polite way. They both crack me up. Did you get any books?

Ann-Marie said...

Ah, the age of turning our parent's words against them! Now it begins!