Thursday, June 05, 2008

Odds and Ends

I realize I haven't done a room remodeling update in a while. Besides being on vacation, Darren's had a heavy workload and hasn't been able to work as fast as he would like. Also, it's getting to the point where I want to do a dramatic reveal of pictures when it's all done. But he has been painting whenever his schedule will allow, and the room is looking great.

He painted some the Sunday before we left, then he and Lucy went to church and out for dinner together. As soon as they drove away, I called Elaine to come outside and swing with me for awhile. I called and called. Finally I heard from far away, "Coming, Mom!" Didn't think much of it. Until Darren got home to look at his handiwork in the guestroom again and saw...someone else's handiwork. I guess the newly-painted white windowsill was too much to resist. And then what better to do with white paint on your fingers than fingerpaint on the newly-painted blue wall, I ask you?

That's her saying, "I do it with my fingers, Dad!" And no, we were not pleased, we did not think it was funny, and she got a sharp scolding and a warning what would happen if she did it again. Uh, then why are you taking cute crime scene photos with the perpetrator, Alice? I know, I know. But...could you resist this either?

Another thing that happened before I went on vacation was a mini-reunion with two of my best friends from Moody. Alysa and I live fairly close to each other but don't get to see each other often because of both of our schedules (meaning we both have two pre-schoolers). Suzanna recently moved to the Midwest and was in town on vacation, so we all got together for lunch on the Friday before the holiday. Our other dear friend, Rebecca, lives way out West so it was just the three of us. It was so fantastic. All four of us lived on Houghton 4W our first year and Houghton 5W our second.

These three women are some of the best and dearest friends I've ever had or will have. I had seen Suzanna once in the last 18 years, and Alysa hadn't seen her at all since college. We all hit it off pretty much immediately the first week of school, and nothing has changed. It was like no time had passed at all.

Alysa and I started a tradition last year of a Mom's Getaway--our husbands take the kids, and we get a hotel room at a midway point and spend the time yakking our heads off, laughing, looking at old pictures, and drinking copious amounts of Diet Coke (Alysa). Now that Suzanna lives within a reasonable distance, we're going to try and get her in on it this year too.

Here are Suzanna (left) and Alysa:

Suzanna and me:

An empty chair (and Diet Coke) for Rebecca:

Moody girls (can't you just hear the strains of "God bless the school that D.L. Moody founded...?)

The more time goes by, the more I cherish these women and their friendship. What a gift they are to me, I love them so!

That's all I've got for now...there are heavy storms here, but I think we're still going to try and get to Lucy's swim lesson (indoors of course). Our Internet service has gone out once this morning, and it's only 8:30. I think this will be one of those inside days...Lucy got her first Webkinz (the pink poodle) for her birthday and is having a blast with it. She hasn't decorated her pet's room much; she spends most of her time getting jobs and taking quizzes to earn the money to buy more clothes and shoes for her. Wonder where she gets that from? Furniture, unimportant. Shoes, crucial.

If I hear anything about the Blackburns and the babies, I'll post it. Thanks for praying for them!


Ann-Marie said...

What wonderful photos of E! I love that face...and no, I don't think I could resist it, either.

I'm so glad you had a good time with friends. Moody girls are a fun bunch, aren't we?! :-)

Looking forward to the big reveal...

Jill said...

The three of you all look great!I'm glad you were all able to get together :)
It makes me miss some of my dearest MBI friends :(

Juliet said...

What fun! Yes, I could just about hear that song..God Bless the school that DL Moody founded.

God is so great to give us special girlfriends. Thanks for sharing your time with them.

And of course Elaine is proud of her art work. Cute smile!

Kacie said...

One of your recent posts linked to this one, and I thought I'd say hi - alysa's blog led me here months ago and now you're on my blog reader. I'm a 5W girl too! 2005 grad, though.

Your blog is great and I love your writing!