Friday, June 13, 2008

I Got Nothin'...Proceed At Your Own Risk

Major writer's block this week. I've felt tired and a little ill and just haven't been inspired. Not much out of the ordinary or cute or startling has gone on either, with the exception of this morning (in the startling category)--I was in the kitchen at 5:18 a.m., making my lunch for work when I almost jumped out of my skin at the sight of a tousle-haired little person in the doorway and the sound of a gravelly little voice, saying "Hi, Mama. I s'prise you!"

This weekend we're going to visit my in-laws, so maybe that will render something noteworthy. I've had a post about my dad in honor of Father's Day cooking in my head for a little bit, but I haven't gotten motivated enough to write it down. Plus, we're waiting a week to celebrate Father's Day with him, so it's really not due yet. As my friend Julie and I always say, "I work better under pressure."

I haven't even read anything new since vacation, just a bunch of re-reads. Each night I just flop on my bed and start watching a Ngaio Marsh Inspector Alleyn mystery and fall asleep to it. About the most exciting thing to happen to me lately is that I discovered Boots cosmetics at Target. Before I had kids, I used to go to the MAC counter at Marshall Fields on State Street and stock up on whatever I wanted. Now that I have them and all their needy needs, I just buy drugstore brands but I don't really like anything. I miss that high-end makeup (uh, see post on contentment from yesterday, Alice). Anyway, Target now carries Boots, which for all my non-UK readers is the British equivalent of Walgreens. But the makeup is great! I particularly recommend the lip gloss in berry. Very long lasting. The packaging is nice too.

That last paragraph sounds like I have UK readers, which of course I don't. Unless you count the one person from England who Googled "london calling jesus" and got my site. Somehow I don't think they found what they were looking for.

So, that's all I've got--hopefully I'll be back on track next week. The Tooth Fairy is rumored to be visiting us sometime soon...maybe she'll provide good material. Happy weekend!


Ann-Marie said...

Have a happy weekend yourself! I've had writer's block too, but mine stems from abject laziness.

Oh, and I'm a HUGE fam of the re-read. The desire to read a book again is the ONLY thing that ever drives me to purchase a book.

Speaking of books, have you heard of Kindle?

Juliet said...

Hi Alice

Because of having my sister Linda from France here and then the grandkids I haven't been reading the blog.

But I finally got caught up and read all of yours. What fun the kids have been having. And yes life can get real stressful with husband, kids, job, church, cooking classes, ..never enough time. But Lucy is doing great in her class and you should have invited Ann-Marie and I for a piece of cake..oh perhaps your were eating it at midnight...never mind. Love, Juliet

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the tooth fairy, once I forgot about a tooth Lenn had put under his pillow and then had to make up an excuse why the fairy had not come by the house that night.

Did the "little surprise" go back to bed.

Melanie said...

Hi Alice,

Even your posts written under the haze of writer's block are good! Have a safe, fun trip & wish Darren a Happy Father's Day for us!

Jill said...

What does the tooth fairy bring to your house? That has been a "huge" topic of conversation amongst my friends as they say that our tooth fairy is a little over the top! We do make a big deal of I'll be hoping that you have a fairy visit and we can compare notes :)