Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am now officially on hold

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 39. Lucy and Elaine ran in my room in the morning and gave me thirty-nine spankings (I helped them count) and kisses and a pinch to grow an inch (let's just hope that one doesn't come true unless it's my brain that grows the inch). Then Lucy asked, "Next year when you turn 40, Mom, you'll probably talk different, won't you?" Yes. I'll probably have one of those sweet, wavery old lady voices by next year, I guarantee it.

It was a great day--absolutely beautiful out. I started the day with this (that's a scone, fresh from the oven):

I got to sit and read that entire magazine in peace because the girls sat outside and played with their new Polly Pockets pool.

Then we all got ready and I called them to me to tell them what we were going to do today. First, I got down their Japanese dolls, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. I said that on my birthday we were going to a beautiful Japanese garden so their dolls wouldn't feel so homesick. We have one of the best Japanese gardens in the U.S. right down the street from us, but we haven't gone because it really isn't stroller friendly. This is the first time we've been able to go for any stretches of time without a stroller, so now we can go. (And if you know me at all, besides being an Anglophile, I am crazy about most things Asian, especially Japanese).

Here are Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. Don't they look like they'd like to go to the garden?

Here are Lucy and Miss Happiness at the visitors' center:

Girls and dolls getting a drink:

There are three elements in a Japanese garden: stone, water, and greenery. Here are all three:

You can buy a big bag of fish food at the visitors' center for a dollar. Those fish knew a friendly hand as soon as we walked down the path. This was their favorite part (the girls AND the fish):

A birthday present for me...peace and quiet and serenity:

Elaine and Daddy:

All of us together (if you can't see it, my skirt has Japanese fans on it. I like to theme dress appropriately. And by this time, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower were taking a ride in my purse. I let their heads stick out so they could still see though.):

Speaking of purses, this was my birthday present from Darren and the girls. This picture does not nearly convey its bamboo fabulosity:

And to really top it off, Darren bought me (our whole family) a membership to the gardens so technically I could go every single DAY if I want to. And I do. We'll see how many times my schedule lets me. This blog may turn into the cooking/Japanese garden blog.

My mom made me some very cute summer skirts, which aren't pictured here, but will look great with my new purse. It'll be a summer of style (how rare) for me.

My dad, brother, and sister-in-law gave me these. They're not Japanese. Or any sort of clothing or accessories. But my heart leapt with joy when I saw them. It still does, just looking at this picture. Please don't call me any evenings this summer. I'll be busy.

Yeah, 39. Not so bad after all! And even though I'm 364 days away from 40, I haven't noticed any changes in my voice yet. I'll be on the lookout for that though.


Jill said...

you are so funny... I turned 38 this year and I officially put myself on hold already ! Glad you had a great time. That is kind of cool that you live by a Japanese garden...I don't think we have any of those anywhere around here, but what a great thing for the girls to be exposed to. Sounds like you had a great day!

Ann-Marie said...

I started panicking when I read your title, since I thought you meant putting your blog on hold (which two of my friends have done recently). I'm so glad you are going to keep writing!

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm glad you had such a good time with the family at Anderson's. Next time, drive a block or two and stop in and say hello - you were just down the street from my office.

What a great day you had - today I will eat a cupcake in your honor.

Becky said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a great day. We got engaged at Anderson, so we make a pilgrimage there every May and take a picture in front of the falls where Scott proposed.

Here is Scott proposing to me (May 2003).

Alice said...

Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pictures ever! I hope everyone looks at them. That falls area is beautiful. I really am planning to go there at least once a week now--oh, we should do lunch there before you leave! :-)

Mae said...

Happy Birthday, Alice.

So glad you had a great day. The Japanese Garden sounds wonderful, very peaceful.

Do wish I lived close so I could watch NCIS with you. It is one of my favorite shows.

ARF said...

Did someone say they had cupcakes?

Many happy returns of the day to one of my favorite humans.

Ann and Grantley

Melanie said...

Oh, it looks like a wonderful birthday! From start to finish it sounded perfect. Way to go family on all your gifts! That purse is too cute! I'm jealous of your Japanese gardens - it looks like just the thing after a stressful day. Well, once again Happy Birthday!

Missy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I'll send you a belated birthday card...
I was just in Joliet over the weekend to bring Dave home from his parents' - yay! I wish we could have gotten together! But our plans to see Tonya even fell through...
we HAVE to plan something for all of us next year!

Juliet said...

A belated Happy Birthday. Good luck on the holding part! Ha Ha

What a great way to spend your birthday! Gary and I also have visited the Anderson and I even was able to do a post on it.

The family picture of everyone is your new skirt and purse. I'm sure I will see your new purse soon.