Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Recent Quote Collection

The setup: Lucy is turning 5 soon (I know, I have no idea how that happened either). We've always had a family party for her, but I explained that certain birthdays are special and when you get to a special birthday, you get a party with your friends, too. Five is one of the special ones (oh, and also because she actually has some friends now).

Lucy: What about when I'm 17?

Me: No, 17 is not that big of a deal (I love to mess with their heads). Maybe when you're 21 you can have another party.

Lucy: When I'm 21, how old will you be, Mom? Will you be 90? (Yeah, I can see I'll never be able to win with this girl.)

The setup: The girls were opening up the art drawer and digging around in it.

Me: Be careful. One of you is going to slam that drawer while the other one's fingers are still in it, and then everybody is going to cry.

Lucy: (in a perfect parody of me) Wow, Mom. I think "cry" is kind of a harsh word there.

The setup: The girls are taking their bath. They like to bring all their Little People in the tub along with some plastic bowls and make swimming pools for their "children." They're at a stage where I can walk around upstairs and fold laundry or whatever while they're bathing. I usually have to intervene only 7 or 8 times.

Elaine screams.

Me: What is going on in here?

Elaine: Lucy bite me!

Me: Did you bite your sister, Lucy?

Lucy: Wellllll, no. My teeth just came on to her skin.


I relayed this story to Darren later, and he said, "What, is she Bill Clinton now?"

In other news, Lucy has a loose tooth and today is the last day of school. I can't even believe it. Everything is going way too quickly for me. Change is just not really my thing. Pretty soon teeth will be flying out, left and right, and she'll be preparing to take the GRE. But I guess I'll be 90 by then, so maybe I won't even care.


Ann-Marie said...

GRE? I'm gonna need some clarification. I'm sure you didn't mean the GED! :-)

90, huh? Wow! You look great...for your age, apparently!

That kid's a born comedienne!

Alice said...

GRE = Graduate Record Examinations; what you have to take to get into grad school. Though hopefully she will have all her adult teeth by then... :-)

Melanie said...

These were great. Oh, my, I hated that whole GRE experience but luckily for me the only part that mattered was English!