Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can Somebody Help Me Out Here?

Here is a small fraction of the questions Lucy asked me on the way home from Target (a ten-minute ride) (and in no apparent order or relation to each other):

"Mom, why do you hate red ants and black ants? Are they your fierce enemies?"

"Why can't the sidewalk be the street and the street be the sidewalk? Then we could always walk in the street."

"Are vultures ravens? Are all ravens bad or are some good?"

"When you're dead and someone pulls your hair, does it hurt?"


Randie Sanders said...

LOL how adorable! I cant wait till my lil guy starts asking those kinds of questions. Hes two so I have a feeling its not far off!

Alice said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, 2-year-olds begin to say some really funny things too, and it only gets better from there!

Ann-Marie said...

Sure you want my help? Okay, here goes:

Anys are our enemies. Someday, they will rule the world.

Why CAN'T the street be the sidewalk - in a "green" world...it would be!

Ravens = Bad

And...nope. Dead people feel no pain...that we know of.


Alice said...

Very helpful. The last question just made me have more questions though, such as, since I haven't been dead, how would I know? And most of all, why would anyone pull a dead person's hair??

Ann-Marie said...

So, you're saying you weren't "dead" in your trespasses, huh? Hmmm... HAHAHAHAHA! Spiritual humor! LOL!

Dodge the lightning.

What if said dead person stuck out their tongue at you? Seems to qualify for hair-pulling in my book!