Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Remodeling Project: Installment 1

As promised, I'll be blogging the remodel of Elaine's former room/the guestroom. Here are the first pictures.

Here is the view from the doorway. The books on the shelf: Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, Anne of Green Gables, and Emily need to find a better home within our house (they don't fit on the shelf in the girls' room). The stereo, which played lullaby music to Elaine every night, needs a better home as well.

Here is a good shot of the wallpaper, suitable for a teenage boy.

Here are the bed and end tables, which we'll still be using in the guest room. Ignore the purple paint chips on the bedspread. Darren picked those up with all the blue and ivory ones because the girls wanted it. Also ignore the big box of diapers on the right. They'll be moving too. And be used.

Here is a view of the doorway to the hall and the doorway to the attic. The changing table and crib will NOT be used in the new guestroom.

Here is the sad and lonely crib, in which a baby no longer sleeps. Pause for a moment to go get a Kleenex. Above the crib is Elaine's wallpaper removal job.

So there it is. My dad said he's ready with the wallpaper steamer, and Darren said as soon as I pick paint colors he'll start on the trim.

Lastly, and having nothing to do with the remodel at all, today at school is Treasure Hunt (aka X Marks the Spot) Day. I found this fierce pirate loitering about in the front hall.


Melanie said...

Ohmygod I love that shot of Lucy! I'm so happy you decided to blog about the guest room remodel. I'm so living vicariously through you right now! :)

Ann-Marie said...


(I AM shouting.)

Beautiful pics - nice work, too! I think I may clean a shelf off or something now that you've properly motivated me!