Friday, March 07, 2008

A (Sort of) Typical Morning

A few weeks ago, Lucy slipped and fell on the hardwood floor. She said she hurt her mouth, but she didn't cry for very long and seemed OK, so we thought everything was cool. About four days later, I noticed that her top front tooth was gray. Ergo, a trip to the dentist (which we needed to do anyway). Now, being us, of course we don't have a dentist here in town (we've lived here only three years, you know). We kept our previous dentist (good dentists are hard to find), but that means we drive an hour and a half to get there. And the only appointment he has today is 8:30 a.m. I'll let you do the math on the time we have to leave here.

I was up at 5:30 to get ready, and when I was done I heard moaning and crying from Elaine's room. I threw open the door and demanded, "Who is fussing in here?" She was lying face down on the bare mattress because for some unknown reason, each night she likes to remove her sheets after I've put her in bed. She popped her head up and gave me a big grin (fake crying to be sure). She immediately stood up and said, "I throw Jackie out of here," then unceremoniously dumped her baby on the floor. I asked, "Where are Jackie's clothes?" "De're in de wash," she answered (I'm raising a Chicagoan for sure).

She then held on the rails of her crib and began to bounce up and down. I picked her up and she hugged me tight and said, "I love you too much, Mom" (by the way, in case you're wondering, this is a GREAT way to start the day). I said, "Go in and wake up Lucy, OK?" I then heard her stomp off in her footie pajamas and yell, "LUUUUUUUUUCY! Time for supper!"

When we got down to the kitchen (and after starting the car--sing it with me now, I'll be SO GLAD when winter is over), I said, "We have to have a simple breakfast this morning since we're in a hurry. Would you like yogurt and apple bread or berry bars?" Lucy said, "I'd like apple bread, please!"

Elaine looked me straight in the eye, smiled that naughty smile, and said, "I'd like cotton candy, please."

Won't the dentist love that?


Becky said...

BTW, we have a great dentist--who practices dentistry in Rockford! The Villacortas recommended him. His kids go to Rockford Christian (not that his choice of education for his children impacts his abilities in any way, but he is very good). His name is Dr. Teuscher. (I'm sure he has a first name, but I don't remember what it is.)

Ann-Marie said...

How funny - my good friend used to work for Dr. Teuscher - she always said really nice things about him. Our dentist snorts laughing gas, but at least he's on our insurance plan. Ergo, he's the best choice for us.

Dentists love cotton candy! Job security!

Alice said...

Thanks for the referral! Sounds good...

Ann-Marie, didn't your guy make the news at one point?

Ann-Marie said...

Yes, ergo you'd think we wouldn't want to go to him anymore, but he's still practicing - and we still like hom - and they haven't pulled his license or anything...okay, fine, we're too lazy to switch!

Alysa said...

very funny - cotton candy - where DO they come up with these things? we've got to get together soon..