Monday, January 07, 2008

Typical Interchange

"Mom, look what Elaine did! She broke my headband, my favorite one with the cherries on it!" (begins to cry)

"Elaine, you need to say, 'I'm sorry' to your sister immediately."

"Sow-wee, Luuuuuuucy."

"I forgive you. But it's still your fault."

"Lucy, is that a really kind thing to say?"

"Well, it IS her fault."

"When you broke my Snoopy Christmas ornament and you told me you were sorry, did I say, 'I forgive you, but it's still your fault'?"

"No, Mom."


"But it really is still her fault."


Ann-Marie said...

But it is, apparently, her fault.

Ha! Ha! That's what comes from never having siblings growing up.

Cute. It's tough you had to lose Snoopy, though. Did the Red Baron finally get him?

Juliet said...

That's just too funny! Love it Love it

Alice said...

Snoopy's (dressed as Sherlock Holmes) head mysteriously fell off. And there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth (not mine, though that happens sometimes too). So far this year, only three ornaments were broken. This statistic lowers each year, so that is hopeful.