Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"They had mismatched manger scenes at incredibly low prices..."*

We finally packed the kids off to bed, and I sat downstairs, watching NCIS and eating a sandwich and Doritos (that sentence holds a lot of nostalgia value. I've basically turned back into a 16-year-old babysitter. With extra wrinkles.) Anyway, Lucy came down and said in a stage whisper (I think she's afraid to talk after bedtime), "Mom. I need to go potty. And I need an adult to go with me."

So, we did that, and then she said, "Close your eyes, I've got to show you something." She ran into her room and got one of her Groovy Girl dolls in whose hair she had placed a lot of random ponytails. She said, "I was just thinking in my heart, Mom. I was thinking that Groovy Girl's hair looked kind of snouty. I thought she'd look better with some ponytails and a bun. In my heart I thought that, I really did."

When I went back downstairs, I saw our nativity scene in the hallway. Each night, we put a different figure in and talk about what part they played in the Christmas narrative. I bought an extra set so we could have more animals, more than one shepherd (why is there always only one?), and an angel.

Here's what I saw:

Apparently the shepherds are tired and need a lie-down. And the smaller cow and donkey aren't feigning indifference, in case you were wondering. They prefer to turn toward their husbands so they can see them better.

*Bonus points for anyone who knows what movie this line is from. I thought everyone (at least every woman) knew this movie by heart. Then I mentioned it to the girl who does my hair (major clueing!), and she had never ever seen it. I was shocked, until I realized it came out around the time she was born. And then I was sad.


Juliet said...

Well, I know that I am old enough, but I don't know what movie that line if from. I even called Ann-Marie and she doesn't know either..how old is your hair dresser?

Alice said...

My hairdresser is 21 or 22 I think. The movie is Steel Magnolias (1986). Please tell me you've seen it and just forgot that line! Otherwise, I'm sensing a movie night coming up for us!

Heather said...

love the manager story, Alice. Reminds me of what Alicia has been doing lately, she loves to play with our nativity set as well. The other day she had them all lined up on the floor, except for the baby Jesus. I think she must know already that Jesus didn't belong in the manager with the others until later this month :)

Juliet said...

Alice...I love that movie!! A group of us from work went to Fireside to see the play. I guess I just missed that line. I have seen it many times